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Giuseppe Barbaglia (1841–1910) was an Italian painter.


He was born in Milan. At the age of twenty due to a romantic entanglement, he was forced to leave Milan, and during his travels, he developed gangrene of the leg, requiring amputation. He returned to Milan and trained under Giuseppe Bertini. He painted a number of indoor scenes of persons in Rococo finery, usually with the background of the grand salon of the Palazzo Clerici; these include:

Il Mattino di Parini
L'Arlecchino ardito
Il suonatore di contrabbasso
Il suonatore d' arpa
Mezzogiorno e Vespro

He was also known for his bright and colorful portraits, including one of Giuseppe Verdi, exhibited in Venice in 1887.[1] Among his works:

Christ in the Garden
The Civil Wedding of sindaco Giulio Bellinzaghi
Bagno Pompeiano (Canonico Prize)
L' Alloggio forzato (Forced Quartering)
La carestia in Sicilia (Pavia)


Dizionario degli Artisti Italiani Viventi: pittori, scultori, e Architetti., by Angelo de Gubernatis. Tipe dei Successori Le Monnier, 1889, page 32-33.

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