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Giuseppe Antonio Fabbrini


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Giuseppe Antonio Fabbrini (Florence, 1748 - Florence, after 1795) was an Italian rococo painter, mainly fresco decoration.


Ceiling fresco in Florence Palazzo Compagni, in collaboration with Tommaso Gherardini.
View of the Segretaria del Granduca, fresco, 1777 Villa del Poggio Imperiale, Arcetri, Florence
Frescoes of the vault, church Abbey Vallombrosa1
It transito di San Giuseppe, 1785 painting on canvas signed, church of San Niccolò in Talla in Casentino
Frescoes of the side of the choir, Cathedral of Arezzo, 1790 S. Donato che ripara miracolosamente he chalice rotto dai pagani and Martirio dei SS. Lorentino e Pergentino, protomartiri Aretini, frescoes destroyed in the Gothic restoration of the gallery in 1864.
George III conte di Cowper, portrait, 1783 Museum of Etruscan Academy, Cortona,
Federico Manfredini, portrait, 1784 Accademia dei Concordi (it), Rovigo.

Notes and references

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