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Giulio Cantalamessa (1 April 1846 – 12 September 1924) was an Italian painter and art critic.


He was born in Ascoli Piceno. Against his parents wishes, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna under Antonio Puccinelli. He then worked under Antonio Ciseri in Florence for a year. In 1868 he paints Plauto in atto di scrivere una scena faceta, which wins a first prize at the Fermo Exhibition of 1869. In 1871, he moved to Rome. In 1873, he painted Francesco Stabili (Cecco d' Ascoli) for the commune of Ascoli. He also painted a number of religious subjects for churches in the Marche, and portraits. In 1883, his health made him stop painting a large canvas depicting Pope John X fatto strozzare da Marozia nelle prigioni.[1] He went on to become active in inventorizing the galleries in Modena (1894 with help from Corrado Ricci and Adolfo Venturi), Venice, as well as the Galleria Borghese in Rome.[2]


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