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Girolamo Macchietti


Portrait of a Lady with a Lap Dog

Portrait of Bianca Cappello

The Charity of St Nicholas of Bari

The terms of Pozzuoli

Medea and Jason, Oval

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Famous Artists - Portrait of a Lady with a Lap Dog by Girolamo Macchietti

Portrait of a Lady...

Girolamo Macchietti

Girolamo Macchietti (c. 1535/1541-1592) was an Italian painter active in Florence, working in a Mannerist style.


He was a pupil of Michele di Ridolfo. During 1556-62, worked as an assistant to Giorgio Vasari in the decoration of the Palazzo Vecchio, where he worked with Mirabello Cavalori. He participated in the Vasari-directed decoration of the Studiolo of Francesco I with two canvases, one relating a Jason and Medea (1570) and the other a Baths of Pozzuoli (1572). He also painted an altarpiece on the Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence for Santa Maria Novella. In 1577, he completed a Gloria di San Lorenzo for Empoli Cathedral. He traveled to Rome and spent two years in Spain (1587–1589). No works are recorded from these travels.


Pala Lioni, 1562–68, Florence, Villa Lioni-Michelozzi-Roti-Clavarino
Epiphany, 1568, Florence, San Lorenzo
Jason and Medea, 1570–72, Studiolo of Francesco I, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
The baths of Pozzuoli, 1570–72, Studiolo of Francesco I, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
Martyrdom of San Lorenzo, 1573, Santa Maria Novella, Florence
Virgin's girdle, 1574, Santa Agata, Florence
Apotheosis of San Lorenzo, 1577, Empoli Cathedral
Allegory of Prudence, (Private Collection), traditionally attributed to Vasari until recently.
Crucifixion, 1590, San Giovanni di Scopoli, Florence


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Artist, Italy


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