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Girolamo da Santacroce


A Saint with a Fortress and a Banner

A Youthful Saint Reading

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Featured Art - A Saint with a Fortress and a Banner by Attributed to Gerolamo da Santacroce

A Saint with a...

Attributed to Gerolamo da Santacroce

Girolamo da Santacroce (c. 1480/85 – c. 1556) was a 16th-century Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Venice and the Venetian mainland. He was a pupil of the painter Gentile Bellini. After Gentile's death, Santacroce most likely worked as an assistant to another Venetian painter, Giovanni Bellini and worked in the workshop of Cima da Conegliano. One work executed by Girolamo da Santa Croce A Saint with a Fortress and a Banner can be found at the National Gallery.[1]

Girolamo da Santacroce should not be confused with Girolamo Santacroce (c. 1502 – c. 1537), the Neapolitan sculptor.

Farquhar, Maria (1855). Ralph Nicholson Wornum, ed. Biographical catalogue of the principal Italian painters. Woodfall & Kinder, Angel Court, Skinner Street, London; Digitized by Googlebooks from Oxford University copy on Jun 27, 2006. pp. page 158–9.There are paintings by this painter in the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City,Missouri("Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence").
Ludwig, Gustav (1903). "Archivalische Beiträge zur Geschichte der venezianischen Malerei". Jahrbuch der Königlich-preussischen Kunstsammlungen. 24 Band (Weidmannsche Buchhundlung, Berlin): 10–20.

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