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Giovanni Francesco Bassotti (1600 in Assisi – 1665) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period.


He trained for some time in Rome, but was prolific in Perugia. He painted at San Domenico di Soriano for the church of the same name. He painted a Madonna del Popolo for the Oratory del Suffraggio (now deconsecrated) in central Perugia. He painted a Resurrection of Jesus for the Church of Sant'Agnese in Perugia. He painted for the church of Santa Lucia, an altarpiece of St Augustine for the small church of the Collegio Oradino. He also painted for the church of San Bastiano alla Conca; the main altarpiece and crucifix at Santa Maria degli Aratri in Perugia; lunettes in the oratory of the confraternity of San Benedetto; a Birth of John the Baptist for the church of San Giambatista in the Borgo di San Antonio. For the ancient Sant'Angelo at Monte di Porta Sole in Perugia, he painted an Annunciation. He painted the Conception of Mary for the College of Gesuiti. One of his pupils was Annibale Leonzi.[1]


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