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Giacomo Favretto


 Painting - Caldo by Giacomo Favretto


 Painting - Study Of Female Nude by Giacomo Favretto

Study Of Female Nude

La pollivendola

The Guidini Family

Girl in the Window

The father and sister of the painter

Entrance of a patrician house in Venice

After the bath


The Third Incomodo

Street musicians

Promenade in the Piazzetta


Traghetto della Maddalena

Eighteenth-Century Venetian Lady

Giacomo Favretto (Venice, August 11, 1849 – Venice June 12, 1887)[1] was an Italian painter, mainly depicting genre subjects in his native city.


Born in Venice into a family of humble origin, Favretto enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1864, where he trained under Pompeo Molmenti.[2] He was said to have been discovered in a stationer's shop cutting out silhouettes to make a living. By age 30, he had lost sight from one eye.[3]

He presented work in 1873 at the Fine Arts Exposition of the Brera Academy in Milan, where his genre painting attracted the attention of Camillo Boito. Having travelled to Paris with Guglielmo Ciardi in 1878 to take part in the Universal Exhibition, he once again presented work at the Brera in 1880, winning the Prince Umberto Prize. The same year also saw his participation in the Esposizione Nazionale di Belle Arti in Turin with works featuring everyday life in Venice and scenes in 18th-century costume. Confirmation of his success came in 1887 at the Esposizione Nazionale Artistica in Venice, where the works presented included Liston Odierno (Promenade Today in Venice) (1884, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome).
Traveling Musicians


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