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Georges Lacombe


Georges Lacombe Painting - Boatwomen In Brittany by Georges Lacombe

Boatwomen In Brittany

 Painting - Vorhor. The Green Wave by Georges Lacombe

Vorhor. The Green Wave

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Famous Artists - Boatwomen in Brittany by Georges Lacombe

Boatwomen in...

Georges Lacombe

Georges Lacombe (18 June 1868 – 29 June 1916) was a French sculptor and painter.

Early life

Born to a distinguished family of Versailles, he received his artistic training at the Académie Julian from the impressionists Alfred Roll and Henri Gervex.

The Nabis

At the Académie Julian he met Émile Bernard and Paul Sérusier in 1892, shortly afterwards becoming a member of their artist group, Les Nabis.

Like many other Nabi he spent the summers from 1888-1897 in Brittany, some sources record that he met Bernard and Sérusier there. He became Le Nabi sculpteur: the sculptor of the group. In fact many sources refer to him solely as sculptor.


Georges Lacombe died in Alençon, Orne on 29 June 1916.
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