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Gaetano Callani (1736–1809) was an Italian painter and sculptor, active mainly in his native Parma in a Neoclassical style.

Callani Gaetano
Gaetano Calliani, pastel portrait by his daughter, Maria Callani.


Born at Parma, he was a pupil of Giambettino Cignaroli .[1] He helped decorate the Room of the Caryatids (1774-1776) at the Royal Palace of Milan. In Parma, he competed the statues of Isaiah and St John the Evangelist for the church of the Annunziata and the Beatitudes for the church of Sant'Antonio Abate, Parma. Both his children, Francesco (1779-1844) and Maria Callani, were also painters.


Encyclopedia Treccani, entry for Gaetano Callani.

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