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Franz Christoph Janneck


The Adoration of the Shepherds

An Agent Collecting Taxes from a Hunter and a Farmer's Wife

Elegant Company in an Interior

Elegant Company Playing Cards

Elegant Company with Figures Playing Musical Instruments

An Elegant Company

Elegant Couple with an Old Maid in an Exterior

Elegant Couple with an Old Maid in an Interior



Esther before Ahasuerus

A Palace Garden with Elegant Figures

Travellers on a Forest Road

A couple playing cards in an interior; and A couple playing music in an interior

A Man paying Money to a Money Lender in an Interior

Allegories of Unequal Love

Allegories of Unequal Love

An elegant group playing cards in a palace garden

An Italianate river landscape with figures resting by classical ruins

Diana and Endymion

Adoration of the Shepherd

Elegant Company in a Wooded Landscape

Elegant Company making music and eating in a Clearing in a Wood, an extensive mountainous landscape with a couple on a path beyond

Merry Company in magnificent interior

Adoration of the Shepherd

Holy Family


It went to Christ blind and lame in the temple

Dining on the Terrace

Elegant party listening to music and drinking wine

Jupiter and Juno

Jupiter and Juno

Money Lender

Picnic in the Park

The Adoration of the Magi

The Birth of the Virgin

The Marriage of the Virgin

The Medical Alchemist

The Nativity

Wooded Landscape with Boar Hunt

Wounded Venus and Mars at the Gates of Troy

Bacchus and Ariadne

King Oeneus swearing Allegiance to Bacchus

Franz Christoph Janneck (born October 3, 1703 Graz; † January 13, 1761 in Mariahilf, today Vienna, 6th District, Mariahilfer Strasse 41) was a master of fine painting of the Baroque.



Franz Christoph Janneck moved to the training in Graz in 1726 to Vienna and became a student of the newly established court painter Jacob van Schuppen in 1725 "Kk Court Academy of Painters, Sculptors and architecture", today's Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In Frankfurt, he later went on his studies.

On June 26, 1736 he married in St. Ulrich Annamaria Cantonin, daughter of the painter Franz Canton and Maria Elisabeth. Witnesses were the imperial chamber sculptor Franz Joseph Lenzenbauer that fellow painter Joseph Orient and Jacob Parbentz.

He took over as head of a special school of painting at the Vienna Academy, where he was rector 1752-1754. He was followed to 1757 Paul Troger.
High altar of the church Kaiserstein Brucher
Holy Family

The four surviving altars of Kaiserstein Brucher church were robbed by the events of war and the subsequent occupation period (1939-1955) all jewelry and all images. In Cathedral and Diocesan Museum of the Archdiocese of Vienna, the paintings Holy Family was (270 × 165 cm), painted by Franz Christoph Janneck 1750, its origins and owners were not known. Mrs. Sarolta Schredl, former museum director could be a transfer to Kaisersteinbruch imagine and Cardinal Hans Hermann Groër granted permission to install this permanent loan to the baroque Kaiserstein Brucher high altar. When mounting on 11 June 1992 it was found that the dimensions of the image with the specified stone frame of the altar as well as match.

The city of Vienna honors the artist by the Janneckgasse in the 13th district, in Lainz, settlement Locker meadow.

Franz Christoph Janneck dominated the Cabinet, miniature and genre painting, as well as religious subjects, landscapes and portraits.
Museale reception

Some of his works can be found in the Old Gallery of the Graz Joanneum Universal Museum in Schloss Eggenberg, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, in the Austrian Gallery in the Belvedere Palace and in Schottenstift in Vienna as well as the Louvre in Paris.

The Residence Gallery in Salzburg organized in 1996 into a baroque feast Give me your hand, my life with pictures of Johann Georg Platzer and Christoph Franz Janneck.
Works (selection)

    Outdoor entertainment with dancing, circa 1740, oil on panel, 41 x 62 cm, Belvedere, Vienna
    Outdoor entertainment with wine and song, circa 1740, oil on panel, 41 x 62 cm, Belvedere, Vienna
    Self Portrait, circa 1740, oil on canvas, Wien Museum, Vienna


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