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Francesco Raffaello Santoro (Cosenza, 1844 - Rome, 1927) was an Italian painter, mainly of landscapes and genre themes, both in oil and watercolor.


He was born in Cosenza in Calabria, to a family of artists, his cousin was Rubens Santoro. His first training was with his father who had founded in Fuscaldo a studio called Lithography Calabra which mainly made copies of sacred works and portraits. By 1865, Francesco had moved to Naples at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts. He obtained a stipend from the Provincial Council of Cosenza to Study in Florence, and during 1864-1865 he travelled instead to England. In 1868, he obtains a stipend from the Academy in Naples to study in Rome.

In 1885, he traveled again to Britain, and married a Scottish woman, returning to Rome to open a studio. He joins the Società degli Acquerellisti, created in 1875 by Ettore Roesler Franz, Nazareno Cipriani, Cesare Maccari, Vincenzo Cabianca, Pio Joris and other artists.[1]

He lived much of his life in Rome. In Turin, in 1890, he displayed: Il Medico dell'anima and Momento d' ozio. In Milan, in 1881, exhibits: Dopo il lavoro; Ricordo d'Amalfi; and Prima tappa. At the 1883 Exposition of Fine Arts in Rome, he displayed Pascariello e compagnia bella. At the same exposition a few years later, he displayed Il pane quotidiano and Non so ochiù bonu!. At the 1887 Venetian Mostra Artistica of Fine Arts, he displayed: Dolce far niente. Finally, in 1888 in Bologna: Ricordo delle montagne di Carrara.[2]


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