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Francesco Bassano

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Adoration of the Magi

Autumn (Grape Harvest)

Autumn (Moses Receiving the Tablets of the Law)

Boy with Flute

April (Taurus)

The Flight into Egypt

Assumption of the Virgin Mary

December (Capricorn)

Expulsion of merchants from the temple

July (Leo)

June (Cancer)

May (Gemini)

October (Scorpio)

Adoration of the Magi

September (Libra)


Kneeling Servant

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Featured Art - April. Taurus by Francesco Bassano

April. Taurus

Francesco Bassano the Younger (January 26, 1549 – July 4, 1592), also called Francesco Giambattista da Ponte or Francesco da Ponte the Younger, was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period.
He was born at Bassano del Grappa near Venice, the eldest son of Jacopo Bassano and grandson of Francesco da Ponte the Elder. He studied with his father and worked in the Bassano family workshop along with his three brothers, including Giambattista and Girolamo. He moved to Venice where he ran the branch of the family business, and where he was employed to paint a series of historical pictures in the Doge's Palace. He was prone to hypochondria, which exasperated his other ailments and he committed suicide by autodefenestration soon after his father's death in 1592. His third brother Leandro Bassano continued the family legacy of painting.

Annibale Castelli, Agostino Masucci, Domenico Maria Mirandola, and Giovanni Maria Tamburini were among his pupils.[1]


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Artist, Italy


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