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Filippo Lauri


 Painting - The Contest Between Apollo And Marsyas by Filippo Lauri

The Contest Between Apollo And Marsyas

 Painting - The Apparition Of The Virgin Mary To Saint Bruno by Attributed to Filippo Lauri

The Apparition Of The Virgin Mary To Saint Bruno

 Painting - A Satyr Held By Two Putti Before Venus by Filippo Lauri

A Satyr Held By Two Putti Before Venus

 Painting - Latona And The Lycians by Filippo Lauri

Latona And The Lycians

Vulcan at his Forge, behind him a Bas-Relief of Hercules fighting the Hydra

The celebration Miracle of St. Vincent Ferrer

 The Festivities in Honor of Queen Christina of Sweden in the Cortyard of Palazzo Barberini, 28 February 1656.

The Erection of the Cross

Apollo and Marsyas

The Abduction of Oreithyia daughter of King Erechtheus

Endymion and Selene

Venus and Adonis

Faun and Cupid in a Landscape

Bacchanale offering various goods to Pan Statue

King Midas Judging the Musical Contest between Apollo and Pan

Tribute to Pan

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 - Vulcan at his Forge behind him a Bas-Relief of Hercules fighting the Hydra by Filippo Lauri

Vulcan at his Forge...

Filippo Lauri

Filippo Lauri (25 August 1623 - 12 December 1694) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Rome.
Born and active in Rome, his story was featured in the biographies by Baldinucci. He first studied with his father, Balthasar Lauwers (a Flemish landscape painter (Italianized as Lauri), and then with his elder brother, Francesco Lauri. Afterwards, he worked under his brother-in-law, Angelo Caroselli. Filippo’s brother had been a pupil of Andrea Sacchi. In 1654 Lauri became a member of the Accademia di San Luca in Rome, and later became the Principe or director of the academy. He painted along with Filippo Gagliardi a canvas depiction of Celebrations for Christine of Sweden at Palazzo Barberini (now at Palazzo Braschi), which demonstrates the exubertant pagentry common in their time.

Filippo's father had emigrated from Antwerp, and was a pupil of Paul Bril. Francesco's oldest brother Francesco Lauri was also a painter and a pupil of Andrea Sacchi, who died young. Fillipo often painted small figures for the landscapes of Claude Lorraine. He was prolific. He employed many engravers.


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