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Filippo Falciatore


 Painting - Leda And The Swan by Filippo Falciatore

Leda And The Swan

 Painting - Fetes Galantes 1 by Filippo Falciatore

Fetes Galantes 1

 Painting - Fetes Galantes 2 by Filippo Falciatore

Fetes Galantes 2

Filippo Falciatore Painting - Fetes Galantes 3 by Filippo Falciatore

Fetes Galantes 3

 Painting - Fetes Galantes 4 by Filippo Falciatore

Fetes Galantes 4

A Concert in a Garden

Dance in a Garden

Filippo Falciatore (... - ...) was an Italian painter, documented in Naples between 1718 and 1768.


Filippo Falciatorer was a disciple of De Matteis and Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, resented the teachings of the second in his early works: most scenes from the Old and New Testament, now dispersed between public and private collections in Italy and abroad. In these works, Falciatore while following in the footsteps of the master, upgrade schemes with a new sensitivity neo-mannerist, with sets light and very bright.


Ernst Gombrich - Dictionary of Painting and Painters - Einaudi Editore (1997)

Artist, Italy


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