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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller


Children Decorate a Conscript’s Hat

The Conscript’s Farewell

Christ and the Good Samaritan at the Well





Old elms in Prater

Corpus Christi morning

At the monastery gate

The Dachstein from the place of Sophie

The Expected

The Family of the notary Dr. Josef August Eltz


Early Spring in Wienerwald



Extreme Unction

Forest road with oxcart

Man with stereoscope

The Soup Kitchen

The bailout

Mountains of Arco at Riva

Grandfather's Birthday

Taubensee, Ramsau

Mountain landscape with the ruins of Liechtenstein in Mödling

Look to the mountain town of Mola at Taormina

The ruin of the Greek theater in Taormina, Sicily

Homecoming from the harvest (On Lake Zug)

Ruins of Greek theatre in Taormina on the Strait of Messina

The Roman ruins in Schoenbrunn

The Radhausberg at Gastein

Lake Fuschel with Schafberg

Mill at the outlet of the Königssee

On All Souls' Day

Bouquet with silver vessels and an antique vase

Return from the kermis

Mrs. A. von Winiwarter with her son

Portrait of Beethoven

The Violet Girl

The pipe dealer in the cafe

The doctor Christoph Bonifazius Zang

Girl lost in contemplation of an image of the Virgin

Friedrich von Bartsch ?

Henrietta Maria von Stierle-Holzmeister, Edle Forstheim

Anna Countess Kinsky, born as Countess Zichy

Portrait of Edward Silberstein

Carl Heinrich Rahl the Elder

The princely Esterházy Council Mathias Kerzmann with his second wife, the former Countess Majlath, and his daughter Maria

Still Life with Morning Cup

Grandmother with three grandchildren

A Greek in a red coat

Philippine Böhmer, later Mrs. Lötsch (Girl with straw hat)

Portrait of university professor Dr. med. Sigmund Caspar Fischer (1793-1860)

Bouquet of roses at the window

Mrs. Kritter-Babics with a portrait of her late husband

Singing children

The actress Theresa Krones

The artist's Mothers Elisabeth Waldmüller

Roses in glass

Portrait of Count Apponyi (?)

Young lady at her toilette

Countess Széchenyi

The Dachstein

Old woman in a black dress and white frilly cap with red ribbons

Anna Bayer, the artists second wife

At the ruins of the fire

The day laborer with his son

Sittng girl in a white satin gown

Pfamgasse in St. Wolfgang

Bad Ischl

Laughing Peasant-boy

Emanuel Ritter von Neuwall

Portrait of Johanna Borckenstein

The Love Letter

Mothers joy

Children in the press house

The sister of the second wife of Waldmüller

The industriousness medallion (First School Day)

Aloysia Eltz in the armchair

The Grandmother's Birthday

The homecomming

Scene after the fire of Mariazell

The young boy with the stable-lantern / The Young Stableboy with a Stable Lamp

Girl adorns the Virgin Mary ith a rose

Children receive their breakfast

Maid with garland

The Actor Maximilian Korn in a Landscape

The siblings - boy and girl

At the fountain in Taormina

Portrait of the banker August Walter

Portrait of Louise Mayer (born Feldmüller)

Demetrius Graf Apraxin

The veneration of St. John Nepomuk

After Confirmation (The departure of the godmother)

Lower-Austrian Peasant Wedding

The Notary Dr. Josef August Eltz (1788 - 1860) with his wife Caroline, born as Schaumburg, and the eight children in Ischl

Entrance of the newlyweds

The Interrupted Pilgrimage (The Sick Pilgrim)

The seizure

Traunsee with Orth castle

Time of roses

Yard of the old, Heumüller, in Vienna


Farewell to the bride

The request of the child (the old chest)

The ruin Lichtenstein at Mödling

Corpus Christi morning

Castle ruins at Klamm Schottwien, with robbers as accessories

Homecoming into the fathers house

Still Life Fruit with an Amazon parrot

The Cured

Ruins of the Temple of Juno at Girgenti Lancinia

Palm Sunday

Children playing in the Forest

The pilgrims resting

The lovers at a crossroads. Return from work


Meeting in the woods

The neighbors

Evening prayer

Farewell to the bride by the parents

Evening Landscape with herd of goats

Lime kiln in the Hinterbrühl

Church attendance in the spring

Tree studies from Rome

Children of poor parents get winter clothes from the community on Spittelberg on Saint-Michael-Day

Still life with roses, strawberries, and bread

At the Farrier

The Birthday Table

Charles de Moreau

After Confiscation

A Doric temple in Sicily with Castelmola and Taormina beyond

Lovers eavesdropped

Bouquet in an Attic Bell Crater

The Taubensee with the Steinberg in the Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, view towards Reiteralpe

The seizure

Still life with ostriches, fish and exotic fruit

Three graces garlanded with roses

Assistance (Interrupted Pilgrimage)

Emperor Francis I of Austria

Children portrait on a terrace overlooking a seascape.

Children portrait on a terrace overlooking a seascape.

View to Mödling


The Gierster Family

The Grandmother's Birthday

A Journey Refused

Portrait of Madam Hanska

Martyrdom of St Andrew

Portrait of György Gaál

The Schönberg Seen from Hoisernradalpe

Waldmüller's Son Ferdinand with Dog

The Soup Kitchen


Parting of the parents - the oldest child takes care of brothers and sisters in the absence of parents

Women Bathing at the Brook

Construction laborers receive their breakfast

Madame Bartsch (?)

Refreshment at the city's fountain of Taorimina

After school

Venetian fruit seller

The alms

Traunsee with Orth castle

Portrait Prince Andrey Razumovsky (1752-1836), Russian diplomat in Vienna and patron of Beethoven.

Early Spring in the Wienerwald

Young Peasant Woman with Three Children at the Window

Children at the Window

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Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller Painting - Roses by Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller


Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (15 January 1793 in Vienna – 23 August 1865 in Hinterbrühl, Austria) was an Austrian painter and writer. Waldmüller was one of the most important Austrian painters of the Biedermeier period.[1]

Prater Landscape, 1830

In 1807 Waldmüller attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He lived in Bratislava and, in 1811, he worked as a teacher of arts for the children of Count Gyulay in Croatia. He returned to the Academy of Vienna and studied portrait painting. In 1814 he married the singer Katharina Weidner, and subsequently went on tour with her, working as a set designer.[2]

In 1817 he returned to Vienna and spent much time copying the works of old masters and painting portraits, genre subjects, and still-life. In 1823 he made a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven. Waldmüller later became interested in nature and started painting landscapes, which in their loving attention to detail illustrate Waldmuller's belief that the close study of nature should be the basis of painting. These are his most notable works, in which his sense of colour and knowledge of nature helped him to achieve masterly skill.
Christ and the woman at the well (1818)

In 1819 he became professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but was in disputes with the Viennese establishment, most notably for his comments on the system of the academy, where he wanted to establish a focus of the study on nature. His views were in opposition to the official doctrines of ideal art promulgated by the Vienna Academy, and after he had published his works on art education, he was forced to retire in 1857. By 1863. He had been accepted back into the art circles of Vienna, and was knighted in 1865.[2]

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller was one of the most important Austrian painters of the Biedermeier period.[3] Whether it was the conquest of the landscape and thus the convincing rendering of closeness or distance, the accurate characterisation of the human face, the detailed and refined description of textures, or the depiction of rural everyday life: his works – brilliant, explanatory, moralising, and socially critical – influenced a whole generation of artists. Being an advocate of natural observation and plein air painting, as well as a critic of academic painting, Waldmüller was far ahead of his time.[4]

Waldmuller died on 23 August 1865 in Hinterbrühl, Austria.


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