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Felipe Ramirez


Still Life with Cardoon, Francolin, Grapes and Irises

Felipe Ramírez was a Spanish painter of Seville, active as a still-life painter during the 17th century. He was probably a relation of Gerónimo Ramírez, and was active at the same period. He painted hunting-pictures, dead game, birds, and various other subjects. He also painted a Still Life with Cardoon, Francolin, Grapes and Irises which is now at the Museo del Prado in Madrid and a Martyrdom of St. Stephen for a church in Seville (?).

Still Life with Cardoon, Francolin, Grapes and Irises (1628), 71 x 92 cm, Musel del Prado, Madrid
Varón de Dolores (1631), now in the private collection in Belgium


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