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Eugene Henri Cauchois

A Bouquet of Flowers and a Posy of Violets

A bouquet of wildflowers

A Floral Still Life with Porcelain Plate

A still life of apples on a silver tray, with a porcelain bowl and drinking vessels

A still life of chrysanthemums in a porcelain vase and a sweetmeat glass on a table

A Summer Bouquet

A summer-bouquet with poppies and daisies

A vase of chrysanthemums and roses alongside an urn and a bowl on a draped table

Assorted Flowers in an Oriental Bowl

Bouquet of Roses and a Vase on a Draped Table

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Eugene Cauchois , born in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) on 14 February 1850 and died in Paris on 11 October 1911, was a French painter.


Eugene Cauchois visited the School of Fine Arts of Paris in the workshop of Ferdinand Duboc and Alexandre Cabanel. He specialized in the composition of still life fruit, flowers and kitchen utensils. He also painted landscapes and marine views.

He stayed in Brussels in 1878-1879. He had become used to sign his paintings the name of the month in which he had made them.

On the end of his life, Eugene Cauchois embarks decorative painting with floral compositions.

He had a studio in Paris at No. 32 Rue des Dames in Paris (17th arrondissement). The painter Marcellin Desboutin (1823-1902) there was his neighbor.
public collections

Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Angers: Wildflowers and fruits
Museum of Louviers
At the gardener
the halls
Montauban, Ingres Museum: Flowers
Paris, the 7th arrondissement school [Which?] Floral decor
Perpignan, Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum: Marine
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen:
watch collection
The Pink Door
The train passed


Eugene Cauchois begins at the 1874 Salon and sends his works at the Salon of French artists from 1881 to 1890 (when it becomes a member), 1898 (third class medal), 1904 (second class medal) and 1908 (The train past Melancholy).
Trade shows

World Expo 1900, bronze
Galerie Karin Carton: Still life with strawberries
Roussel gallery: Fruits; Animals ; Still life


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