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Ettore Castaldi (16 December 16, 1877 – 16 August, 1956) was an Italian painter, painting mainly outdoor landscapes.


He was born in Livorno; orphaned at a young age, he was raised by uncle, and put to manual work in the port. This rough environment failed to lessen his vocation for art, encourage by his encounters with the Labronico painters, including Corrado Michelozzi and Adriano Baracchini Caputi, at the Caffè Bardi.

He made many frescoes in the churches of the Garfagnana. In 1920 signed the Declaration of Tribute to Puccini, published by the Artistic Livorno after the split which gave rise to the establishment of Gruppo Labronico.[1]

As an anarchist sympathizer, in 1924 he went into exile in Santos, Brazil. He remained in touch with family, friends, and painters of Livorno, but spent the war in Brazil, and chose not to return to Italy. He died in Santos, Brazil, at 16 August 1956.[2]


Past members of Gruppo Labronico.
G. Magonzi in Catalogo il Caffè Bardi di Livorno (1909–1921) Le arti all' incontro, a cura di G. Magonzi e M. Pierleoni, Galleria d'Arte Athena, Livorno, 20 settembre – 15 Novembre 2008.

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