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Erhard Altdorfer


Mountain landscape behind the water, on the shore front tree and quarry

Flag-wavers and two mercenaries

Feast company in a fountain hall

Mountain landscape at water

St. Sebastian

John on Patmos

Landscape with big fir

Mary with the child



The Rostock Lottery

Lovers in a Landscape

Anabaptists King Jan van Leyden

Erhard Altdorfer (sometimes Erhart Aldorfer) (c. 1480–1561) was a German Early Renaissance printmaker, painter, and architect, who worked as a court painter in Schwerin from 1512 until his death in 1561.
Erhard Altdorfer was the younger brother of Albrecht Altdorfer. Most likely, he was trained by his brother and it is believed they started a workshop together in 1506.
It is assumed Erhard Altdorfer worked in Austria at the Lambach Abbey, and in St Florian and Klosterneuburg around 1510. In 1512, he went to Schwerin where Duke Henry V of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1479–1552) appointed him court painter and architect. During a trip with the duke that year he probably came in contact with Lucas Cranach the Elder. A commission for the duke and Albert VII was an altarpiece in Sternberg, however destroyed by fire in 1741.

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