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Edward Robert Hughes


Edward Robert Hughes Painting - Wings Of The Morning by Edward Robert Hughes

Wings Of The Morning

Edward Robert Hughes Painting - Night by Edward Robert Hughes


Edward Robert Hughes Drawing - Day by Edward Robert Hughes


Edward Robert Hughes Drawing - Dream Idyll. A Valkyrie by Edward Robert Hughes

Dream Idyll. A Valkyrie

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Midsummer Eve

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Night with her Train of Stars

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The Picture Book

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A Young Beauty

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The Valkyrie's VigilDream Idyll. A Valkyrie

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A Coward

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Portrait of Anthony Freeman

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A Viking, Portrait of Harold Norbury

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Idle Tears

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The Grass of Parnassus

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Bertuccio's Bride

 Drawing - The Weary Moon by Edward Robert Hughes

The Weary Moon

Edward Robert Hughes RWS (5 November 1851 – 23 April 1914) was an English painter who worked in a style influenced by Pre-Raphaelitism and Aestheticism. Some of his best known works are Midsummer Eve and Night With Her Train of Stars. Hughes was the nephew of Arthur Hughes and studio assistant to William Holman Hunt. He often used watercolour/gouache. He was elected ARWS in 1891, and chose as his diploma work for election to full membership a mystical piece inspired by a verse by Christina Rossetti's Amor Mundi. He experimented with ambitious techniques and was a perfectionist; he did numerous studies for many of his paintings, some of which turned out to be good enough for exhibition.

For a time, Hughes was an assistant to the elderly William Holman Hunt. He helped the increasingly infirm Hunt with the version of The Light of the World now in St. Paul's Cathedral and with The Lady of Shalott. He died on 23 April 1914 at his cottage (no. 3 Romeland) in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

His works can be seen in public collections including Bradford Museums and Galleries, Cambridge & County Folk Museum, Maidstone Museum, Bruce Castle Museum, Kensington & Chelsea Local Studies, Birmingham Art Gallery, the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, and the National Trust for Scotland.

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery will stage an exhibition, Pre-Raphaelite Twilight: The Art of Edward Robert Hughes, in autumn 2015.

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Rodney Engen, 'The Twilight of Edward Robert Hughes RWS' ('Watercolours & Drawings', January 1990)


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