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Dominique Barriere

 Drawing - Framed Port Scene With Two Figures by Dominique Barriere

Framed Port Scene With Two Figures

 Drawing - Decoration Ordered By Cardinal De Retz In The Church Of San Luigie Rome For The Saint's Feast Day by Dominique Barriere

Decoration Ordered By Cardinal De Retz In The Church Of San Luigie Rome For The Saint's Feast Day

Dominique Barrière (c.1622–1678) was a French painter and engraver.


Barrière was born at Marseilles in about 1622. He spent most of his career in Rome, where he engraved a considerable number of plates, after Claude and other landscape painters, as well as other subjects. They are neatly etched in the manner of Stefano della Bella. He died in Rome in 1678. He sometimes signed his plates with his name, Dominicus Barriere Massiliensis, and sometimes with the cipher which is the mark used by Domenico del Barbiere, and thus mistakes frequently arise, although their styles are extremely different.[1]

Engraving of Villa Aldobrandina Tusculana, 1647

His works include:[1]

Portrait of Jean de la Valette; marked D. B.; scarce
A set of six landscapes
A set of 12 landscapes, dedicated to Lelio Orsini, 1651
Seven Views of the Villa Aldobrandini, 1649
A landscape, with the Zodiac, inscribed Vim profert ubi, etc.
A view of Frascati
Fontana maggiore nel Giardino di Tivoli, with his cipher
Eighty-four views and statues of the Villa Pamphili.
Four, entitled Catafalco e apparato nella ehiesa, etc.
Sepulchral Monument of N. L. Plumbini, Dominicus Barriere Gallus, in. ex. del. et scul.
Hercules, after a basso-rilievo in the Medicean Garden
A large plate; entitled Circum Urbis Agonalibus, etc. with many figures, 1650
Several plates of the History of Apollo, after the pictures by Domenichino and Viola




This article incorporates text from the article "BARRIERE, Dominique" in Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers by Michael Bryan, edited by Robert Edmund Graves and Sir Walter Armstrong, an 1886–1889 publication now in the public domain.

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