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Domenico Maggiotto


 Painting - Allegory Of Painting by Domenico Maggiotto

Allegory Of Painting

 Painting - Boy With A Flute by Domenico Maggiotto

Boy With A Flute

 Painting - The Fruit Girl by Attributed to Domenico Maggiotto

The Fruit Girl

 Painting - Portrait Of A Girl With A Dog by Portrait of a Girl with a Dog

Portrait Of A Girl With A Dog

 Painting - Lady With Pearls by Domenico Maggiotto

Lady With Pearls

Boy with Flute

Domenico Maggiotto or Domenico Fedeli (1713–1794) was an Italian painter and engraver of the late-Baroque period.

He was one of the main pupils of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta.[1] His son Francesco Maggiotto was also a painter.

He lived and worked mainly in Venice.


Metropolitan Museum Italian Paintings: Venetian School: A Catalogue.

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Italian Paintings, Venetian School, a collection catalog containing information about Maggiotto and his works (see index; plate 46).

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