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Domenico Galeazzi (Bologna, May 20, 1647 – Bologna, April 9, 1731 ) was an Italian painter.


He was the son of Tommaso Galeazzi in Bologna. He trained under Carlo Cignani. He painted the main altarpiece for the church of Sant'Omobono. He also painted an altarpiece of St Francis in Prayer. He married Bianca Bulbarini of Reggio Emilia in 1682; she bore him nine children. among them Domenico Maria Gusmano Galeazzi, who became a doctor of philosophy and medicine. Gusmano was the father of Lucia Galeazzi Galvani.

Domenico was buried in the church of the Madonna di Galiera .[1]


Vite de' pittori bolognesi non descritte nella Felsina pittrice alla Maesta Carlo Emanuele III]; by Luigi Crespi, Stamperia di Marco Pagliarini, Rome, 1794; page 193.

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