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David de Haen


Satyr Drinking from Grapes


David de Haen (1585, Amsterdam – 1622, Rome), was a Dutch Caravaggesque painter and draughtsman, active in Rome between 1615 and 1622.


According to the Dutch Golden Age biographer Arnold Houbraken, David de Haen was born in Rotterdam and later moved to Rome. Houbraken got this information from the Flemish biographer Cornelis de Bie's Het Gulden Cabinet and did not have any other information about him and his date of birth or death.[2] Houbraken (and De Bie), however, erred about this birth in Rotterdam and mixed his birth details up with those of another artist also named David de Haen (1602–1674) who was born in Rotterdam, but did not go to Rome.

He was in fact born in Amsterdam and moved to Rome at a young age where he would remain the rest of his life.[3] He worked with Dirk van Baburen in Rome on the decoration of the chapel of the Pietà in the church of San Pietro in Montorio (1617–20).[4] In 1619 and the spring of 1620 de Haen and van Baburen were living in the same house in the Roman parish of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte.[5] He was a follower of Caravaggio and painted religious and historical paintings[6]


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David de Haen in the RKD

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