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Cornelis Engelsz. (1575–1650) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and the father of Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck.


Engelsz. was born in Gouda. According to Houbraken, he was a pupil of Karel van Mander and a colleague of Frans Hals in Haarlem.[1]

The Frans Hals Museum has several works by him and his son, the portrait painter Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck. According to the RKD he was also a pupil of Cornelis Cornelisz and he became a member of the Haarlem Guild of St. Luke in 1593 and was from 1594-1621 a member of the schutterij there that he painted in 1618.[2] He died in Haarlem.


La Garde civique de Saint-Adrien - 1612.
– Collection of Musée des Beaux-Arts de Strasbourg.

Portret van Floris van Schoterbosch, 1618

Old man accepting alms


(Dutch) Karel van Mander eulogy in De groote schouburgh der Nederlantsche konstschilders en schilderessen (1718) by Arnold Houbraken, courtesy of the Digital library for Dutch literature
Cornelis Engelsz in the RKD

Artist, Netherlands


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