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Cesare Dandini


Cesare Dandini Painting - Madonna And Child With Saint John The Baptist by Cesare Dandini

Madonna And Child With Saint John The Baptist

Cesare Dandini Painting - Saint Michael The Archangel by Cesare Dandini

Saint Michael The Archangel

Cesare Dandini Painting - An Allegory Of Intelligence by Cesare Dandini

An Allegory Of Intelligence

Portrait of a Lady as Diana


Seated monk, looking up

Sleeping Child

Sketch sheet

Sketch sheet

Standing female figure

Female figure on clouds, with genii

Studio of Cesare Dandini

Cesare Dandini Painting - Young Woman With A Fortune Teller by Studio of Cesare Dandini

Young Woman With A Fortune Teller

Cesare Dandini (October 1, 1596 – February 7, 1657) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in his native city of Florence.


He was the older brother of the painter Vincenzo Dandini (1609–1675). His nephew, Pietro was a pupil of Vincenzo, and Pietro's two sons, Ottaviano Dandini and the Jesuit priest Vincenzo also worked as painters in Florence. According to the biographer Baldinucci, Cesare first worked under Francesco Curradi, then Cristofano Allori, and finally Domenico Passignano. He enrolled in 1621 in the Accademia del Disegno. His style has the polish and attention to draughtsmanship and design characteristic of Florentines like Carlo Dolci.

Among his pupils were Stefano della Bella, Alessandro Rosi, Antonio Giusti, Giovanni Domenico Ferrucci, and Jacopo Giorgi.[1]


Serie degli uomini i più illustri nella pittura, scultura, e architettura, page 119-120.

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