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Casimiro Radice

Casimiro Radice Cascina Costa a Galbiate

Casimiro Radice (Milan, 1834 – Malgrate, near Lecco, 1908) was an Italian painter.

Cascina Costa a Galbiate


He was self-educated as a painter and by the 1870s began to paint in the town of Galbiate, painting both sacred and genre subjects, in both fresco and oil.

In 1881 at Milan, he exhibited La visita alla nutrice. In 1883, he displayed Supplizio di Tantalo and Cestello di fiori. In 1884 at the National Exhibition of Turin, he displayed Fior di primavera and Non ti scordar di me.[1]

A number of ex-voto paintings in churches around Milan have been attributed to Radice of followers of his style.[2]

He painted portrait of the first syndicate of Galbiate, now found in the city hall; a Martyrdom of St Agnese and other elements for the prepositurale church of San Agnese in Olginate[3] (exhibited in 1870 at Milan, work inside church dated to 1890s). After 1870's, he concentrated on genre scenes of rural and rustic countryside, including Interno of the cascina La Costa dove ebbe il primo nutrimento Alessandro Manzoni (Interior of shack where the author Manzoni was weaned) (1875); La festa campestre di San Michele presso Galbiate - versante di Lecco (1875); La villa S. Bernardino a Galbiate dopo un temporale (1879); Ritorno dalla filanda (1880).[4]


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