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Bernhard Jobin


Christ on the donkey and the Pope on a horse

The maid in Schmidtweiler: The wonderful seven years of fasting

A bishop prays to the crucified Christ

A satirical Jesuit prognostication for the year 1586 in Prague

Appearance in the sky at Altdorf in Württemberg

Jewish woman gives birth to two piglets in Binswangen

Portrait of Johann Casimir, Elector and Duke of Bavaria

Salvator Mundi

Bernhard Jobin (* before 1545; † 1593) was a German printer and publisher. He may have come from Porrentruy in canton Jura and acquired in 1560 as a trimmer and a member of printing guild the Strasbourg citizenship. His first prints appeared in 1566. Jobins prints Signet shows a Imperator bust with the inscription Sapientia constans. 1567 he married Anna Fischart, the sister of Johann Fischart, whose works he published almost entirely from 1570

He produced important works of coarseness, and the first German translations of French and Dutch authors, spiritual song collections, legal, historical and medical works. Among the authors are Paracelsus, Nicholas Reusner, Arnald of Villanova, Nicodemus Frischlin and François Rabelais . Besides Fischart works published by Jobin there are also works of Tobias Stimmer such as figures of biblical history (1579) and the Chronicon Alsatiae of Bernhart Hertzog (1592). Countless broadsheets, pamphlets and woodcuts are attributed to Jobin.

After his death in 1593 (probably in Strasbourg) initially took his heirs the print shop, then alone his son Tobias Jobin . 1604 it went into the possession of Johann Carolus.


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