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Bernardo Daddi


Bernardo Daddi Painting - The Virgin And Child by Bernardo Daddi

The Virgin And Child

The Coronation of the Virgin



Virgin altar of San Pancrazio, Scene: The Nativity

Madonna and Child

The Marriage of the Virgin

Saint Margret and Saint Agnes

The Martyrdom of St Stephen

St Catherine of Alexandria with Donor and Christ Blessing

Bernardo Daddi (c. 1280 – 1348) was an early Italian Renaissance painter and apprentice of Giotto. He was also influenced by the Sienese art of Lorenzetti. Daddi's birth date remains unknown. He is first mentioned in 1312. He focused on religious motifs and altarpieces. A triptych he painted in 1328 is in the Uffizi, and there are several panels in National Gallery of Art and the Walters Art Museum.
Daddi became the leading painter of Florence during his generation. His last work dates from 1347, and it is believed he died the next year.


The Martyrdom of St Stephen (1324, unverified)
Madonna and Two Saints, or Ognissanti Triptych (1328)
St. Ursula (1333)
Madonna and Child (1335), Orsanmichele, Florence
Four Musical Angels, part of the altarpiece The Coronation of the Virgin, Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford
The Coronation of the Virgin, National Gallery of Art, London
The Marriage of the Virgin (1336–1340)
Polyptych of S. Pancrazio (1336–1340)
The Assumption of the Virgin (1337–1339)
Triptych with Madonna and Christ Child, Minneapolis Institute of Art
Triptych: The Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints (1338) Courtauld Institute of Art
Nativity and Annunciation to Shepherds, [(Museum of Fine Arts,Boston)]
Christ on Cross Between Virgin and Saints Mary Magdalene and John the Evangelist, [(Fogg Art Museum,Cambridge,Massachusetts)]

Further Reading

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