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Bernardino Zaganelli


 Painting - The Holy Family by Bernardino Zaganelli

The Holy Family

 Painting - The Madonna And Child Enthroned With Saints Petronius And Catherine Of Alexandria by Attributed to Bernardino Zaganelli

The Madonna And Child Enthroned With Saints Petronius And Catherine Of Alexandria

Saint Sebastian

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Featured Art - Saint Sebastian by Bernardino Zaganelli

Saint Sebastian

Bernardino Zaganelli

Bernardino Zaganelli, also Bernardino di Bosio Zaganelli and Bernardino da Cotignola, (1460–1470 – 1510) was an Italian Renaissance painter.

Not much is known about Bernardino Zaganelli's life except through his works. He was born in Cotignola and worked in Parma and Ravenna. His brother Francesco da Cotignola was also a painter, and he is possibly related to Girolamo Marchesi as well. He primarily painted religious-themed paintings for church commissions, sometimes working with his brother Francesco. One work executed by Bernardino Zaganelli Saint Sebastian is part of the National Gallery collection.[1]


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National Gallery Brief Bio Bernardino Zaganelli

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