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Bartholomäus Käppeler


Aurora Borealis over Augsburg on 10 September 1580

The angel's greeting : The Annunciation

The Emperor Maximilian II and the seven Electors

The murderer of Lungenetz

The death of a host in Strasbourg

The capture of Calais by the Duke of Austria

The capture of Mulhouse ( Switzerland ) by troops from Bern , Basel, Zurich and Schaffhausen

Appearance in the sky over Augsburg on 8 March 1590

Comet Over Augsburg, 12 November 1577

Message about a poor farmer near Prague

News of a giant bunch of grapes at market village on Lake Constance

News from Croatia : The unsuccessful attack of the Turks on the Abbey Zysek

Portrait of the fraudster Georg Hohenauer

Portrait of Prince Sigismund Batory at the age of 23 years

Portrait of General John Zamosko of Poland

Giant snake found at Tettwang on Lake Constance

Battle between the Poles and the Turks

Death of the fraudster Georg Hohenauer

Storms and flooding in Hohenlohe, July 11, 1589

Away Wonderful discovery of flour at Mühlhausen , three miles from Würzburg

Wonder herring, seen on 24 December 1587

Bartholomäus Käppeler
Working Period / Place : 1577-1627 Augsburg


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