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Antonio de Saliba, Antonello de Saliba

Antonello de Saliba

Antonello Painting - Portrait Of A Man With Red Beret And Book by Antonello de Saliba

Portrait Of A Man With Red Beret And Book

Antonello Painting - Madonna Adoring The Child by Antonello de Saliba

Madonna Adoring The Child

Virgin Annunciate

Madonna and Child

Saint Sebastian

Antonio de Saliba, also Antonello de Saliba, (c.1466-c.1535) was an Italian painter.

Born around 1466, Antonello de Saliba was the son of Giovanni Resaliba, carver of Maltese origins and whose brother was Antonello da Messina. Since he had the same name of his illustrious uncle, he later changed it to Antonio for art dealers during his time in Veneto to avoid confusion on the attribution of the works. He was an apprentice with his brother Peter in the workshop of Messina. His education was marked and influenced thus on the works of this artist.

He worked primarily in and around Veneto, in the footsteps of Messina, and perhaps accompanying his cousin Jacobello, attending the school of Giovanni Bellini and Cima da Conegliano where he was further influenced. Since 1497 he is seen via documents and signed works which attest to his working on and off for the next almost forty years. His production rather uneven, especially in the later years. There are some altarpieces executed with his collaboration, for the wooden carpentry, carver of his father, probably a former collaborator of Messina. He died around 1535.


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