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Antonio Capellan (Venice, ca. 1740– Rome, 1793) was an Italian engraver, active in a Neoclassical style.


He trained with Joseph Wagner. Capellan is best known for making engraved copies of masterworks of the Italian Renaissance found in private collections, which were published in Gavin Hamilton's work, Schola Italica Picturae.[1]

He also engraved a series of portraits of cardinals titled "Calcographia R.C.A. apud Pedem Marmoreum". In 1759, he engraved portraits of Michelangelo and Giorgio Vasari for a volume of the life of Vasari, curated by Bottari.[2][3]

Among his prints are:

Portrait of Michelangelo Buonarroti.
The Drawing School; after Domenico Maiotto.
Diana and Eudyrnion; after the same.
Apollo and Daphne; after the same.
Adam and Eve driven from Paradise; after the same.
The Creation of Eve; after Michelangelo.
Marriage of St. Catharine; after Correggio.
View of the Portico of the Villa Albani; after Panini.
The Repose in Egypt (1772); after Federico Barocci.


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