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Anton Friedrich Harms


Braunschweig, fire at the Hagen Market (south)

Anton Friedrich Harms (* 1695 in Braunschweig, † 1745 in Kassel) was a German painter, set designer and writer on art. The son of the painter and stage designer Johann Oswald Harms († 1708) chose the father's occupation. After his death in 1709 he moved to Kassel. From there, he was from 1737 to 1743 worked for the Opera House on Brunswick Hagen market as a decorative painter. Harms died 1745 in Kassel.

Works (selection)
For the Brunswick Cathedral, he created in 1728 the altarpiece "The Ascension of Christ", which Duke August Wilhelm gave to the church. His landscape and architectural painting high enough not come close to his father's. He created Still life with lifelike representation of dead game animal, such as "Nature morte au lièvre, couple de fruits et panier de provisions" of 1733.

Artist, Germany


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