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Annibale Gatti (September, 1828 – 1909) was an Italian painter, known for history painting and fresco decoration in Tuscany.

Dante in esilio (Dante in exile) by Annibale Gatti (current location: Galleria d'Arte Moderna (Florence) (it)

He was born in Forlì. He moved to Florence by 1830. In 1843, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. He became friends with the architect Giuseppe Poggi, and was employed in numerous restoration projects in Tuscany. He frescoed for the Palazzo Lanfranchi-Toscanelli in Pisa. In 1861, he decorated the Throne Room in the Pitti Palace. He decorated the ceiling of the Teatro Verdi in Pisa, where also painted the sipario (or theater curtain).[1] He became professor in the Florentine Academy and a knight in the Order of the Crown of Italy.

Among his other works are the following:[2]

Rinaldo e Armida and Armida coi duci arabi, (ceiling of Palazzo Favard, Florence)
Molière che legge le sue commedie alla serva
Trasporto del cadavere di Verdiana da Castelfiorentino, (1872) Gold medal in Florence)
Lafayette and Washington (awarded in Boston)
Leonardo da Vinci alla corte di Lodovico il Moro
Goldoni che recita una sua Commedia nel giardino Scotto a Pisa
Galileo receives Milton (Wellcome Library)[3]
Frieze (Ballroom of Villino Stibbert, Florence).


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1 Painting(s) by or after Annibale Gatti, Art UK

Artist, Italy


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