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Anna Galeotti (1739–1773) was an Italian engraver and painter.


Born in Florence, she trained under the engraver Cosimo Colombini. She then studied painting uncer Violante Cerroti. Finally she worked also under Giuseppe Parenti, a pupil of Vincenzo Meucci.

She painted a St Lawrence for the church of Castelbonfi. She painted altarpieces for churches in Porciano, Pontedera, and Lari. She settled and married in Arezzo, where she continued to paint, including a canvas for the Capuchin priests. She was in demand as a portraitist.[1]


Supplemento alla Serie dei trecento elogi e ritratti degli uomini i più illustri in Pittura , Scultura, e Architettura. by Pellegrino Antonio Orlandi, published by Stamperia Allegrini, Pisoni, e comp, Florence (1776); column 1387-1388.

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