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Andrea di Bartolo


 Painting - Madonna Of Humility The Blessing Christ Two Angels And A Donor by Andrea di Bartolo

Madonna Of Humility The Blessing Christ Two Angels And A Donor

Andrea Di Bartolo Painting - The Crucifixion by Andrea di Bartolo

The Crucifixion

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints John the Baptist and James Major.

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Featured Art - The Crucifixion by Andrea di Bartolo

The Crucifixion

Andrea di Bartolo

Andrea di Bartolo (1360/70 – Siena 1428) was an Italian painter of the Sienese School, active between 1389–1428. He was the only surviving son of nine, of the painter Bartolo di Fredi. His youth was spent working in his father's workshop which received many prestigious orders, such as the poliptych "Coronation of Mary", now preserved in the Museum of Religious Art in Montalcino.While he worked on projects jointly with his father, he developed an independent style. other collaborations were with Luca di Tommè. Andrea had two sons who were artists, Giorgio di Andrea di Bartolo (active 1409 to 1428), and Ansan di Andrea di Bartolo (active 1439 to 1480), who worked with Sano di Pietro on the Book of Chorales for Siena Cathedral. It is very probable that he was also Sano di Pietro's master.


Andrea di Bartolo's creativity is a continuation of the work of his father, who in turn drew on the tradition of Siena, begun by Duccio and Simone Martini. From his studio he produced a large number of works, some of which have survived and are found in various museums around the world. Like Martini, he travelled far to execute work for patrons, including the Marches, Veneto and Treviso. [2]

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Getty: Andrea di Bartolo
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