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The Massacre of the Niobids, Andrea Camassei

Andrea Camassei (November, 1602–1649) was an Italian Baroque painter and engraver, who was mainly active in Rome under the patronage of the Barberini.


He was born in Bevagna in Umbria to parents of modest means, Angelina d' Anton Maria Angeli and Lorenzo.[1] He was active in painting in the Palazzo Barberini as well as in Antonio Barberini's favored church, Santa Maria della Concezione, where he painted the Assumption of the Virgin on the dome. His training was under Domenichino, but he also labored under the direction of Sacchi and Pietro da Cortona. He painted a Triumph of Constantine for the Baptistery of the Lateran Palace. He painted for Taddeo Barberini, two large canvases (1638–39) depicting Massacre of the Niobids[2] and Hunt of Diana.[3] He also painted a Saints Bonaventura, Bernardino & Ludovico da Tolosa for Santa Caterina in Rapecchiano


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Massacre of the Niobids, now at Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome
Hunt of Diana also at Galleria Nazionale
Santi Bonaventura, Bernardino e Ludovico da Tolosa in Santa Caterina - Rapecchiano (Spello)

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