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Ambrogio Raffaele or Raffele (1845-1928) was an Italian painter.

Ambrogio Raffele, Singer Sargent

He was born in Vigevano. He studied under Antonio Fontanesi and Andrea Gastaldi at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, and was a colleague of Marco Calderini. He moved back to Vigevano late in life.[1] He painted both genre and landscapes, in oil and water-color. In 1880 at Turin, he exhibited: Bacia, sole immortale, bacia il tuo figlio. At Milan, in 1881, he had a landscape depicting Un tramonto di sole, and at Rome, in 1833, Lettrice distratta. Among his other works were La finestra dirimpetto; Piazza Pia a Roma; Al Colosseo; and Sera; Rome fuori Porta San Paolo and Passeggiata in montagna were watercolors displayed at the 1887 Exhibition in Venice.[2] Singer Sargent painted a portrait of the artist with his painter's kit and chair, sitting atop a hillside in front of an alpine landscape. This undescores Raffaele's technique to paint his landscapes outdoors.[3]


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Singer Seargent's portrait of Raffaele.

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