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Alfonso Savini

 Painting - Tales Of The Heroes by Alfonso Savini

Tales Of The Heroes

Alfonso Savini (1836–1908) was an Italian painter, mainly of genre and flower paintings.

He was a resident in Bologna, and became professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna.[1] In 1884 at the Exhibition of Fine Arts in Turin, he exhibited: Luna di miele; Devota patrizia; Età dei fiori; and Laccio amoroso. In 1884 at Florence, he displayed: Spring flowers and Autumn flowers ; Oh come l'amo!...; and Ritorna Primavera. In 1887 at Venice: Aspettando; Suor Maria; Dopo il pranzo; and Riflessioni. In 1888 at Bologna: Fate la pace and Altro tempi.[2]


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