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Count Alberto Pappafava or Pappafava dei Carraresi (1832-1929) was an Italian painter, mainly of Romantic style landscapes, in watercolor and oil.


He depicted vistas of his extensive travels. Among his works are: Dintorni di Salisburgo; Dintorni di Lecco; Villagio in montagna; Via alla Chiesa; Altura; and Paesaggio lombardo. Among his paintings in maiolica are Interno di una casa; Laguna; Palude al tramonto and Sera.[1] He was named Honorary Academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Venice.[2] In his family's ancient domain in Frassanelle, he decided to create a natural landscape park, complete with artificial grottoes.[3] His son Francesco Papafava was an economist and political writer.


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Parco colli Euganei (Parks of the Euagnian Hills outside Padua).

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