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Albert Hanson


Pacific beaches

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Famous Artists - Pacific beaches by Albert Hanson

Pacific beaches

Albert Hanson

Albert J. Hanson (1866–1914) was an Australian artist, winner of the 1905 Wynne Prize.Hanson was born in Sydney and studied at the Royal Art Society's school.

In 1889 Hanson went to New Zealand and founded an art school at Dunedin but returned to Sydney after a short stay. In 1892 The Low Lispings of the Silvery Waves, a water colour, was purchased by the Sydney gallery, and later that year Hanson went to London. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and in 1893 his On the New South Wales Coast near Sydney was on the line at the Royal Academy.

Hanson returned to Sydney in 1896, and in 1898 his Pacific Beaches, an oil, was purchased for the National Gallery of Australia. In 1905 Hanson's watercolour, The Blue Noon, was the winner of the Wynne Prize. Hanson was an able landscape painter in both oil and water-colour and is represented in the Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Geelong, Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin, and Christchurch galleries.

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