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Agnolo Gaddi (Agnolo di Taddeo Gaddi)


Agnolo Gaddi Painting - Madonna And Child With Saints by Agnolo Gaddi

Madonna And Child With Saints

Saint Sylvester and the Dragon

The Coronation of the Virgin

Scenes on the south wall

Recovery of the Wood (left) from Which the True Cross is Constructed

Retrieval and Trial of the Three Crosses

Recovery of the Wood (detail)

Retrieval of the Three Crosses (detail)

Scenes on the north wall

Worshiping of Chosroës, Dream of Emperor Heraclius, and Heraclius's Combat with Chosroës's Son

Emperor Heraclius Beheads Chosroës and Enters Jerusalem with the True Cross

Emperor Heraclius Beheads Chosroës and Enters Jerusalem with the True Cross

Dream of Emperor Heraclius

Emperor Heraclius Enters Jerusalem with the True Cross

Emperor Heraclius Enters Jerusalem with the True Cross


The Last Supper

Madonna with Child (fragment)

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Famous Artists - Coronation of the Virgin by Agnolo Gaddi

Coronation of the...

Agnolo Gaddi

Agnolo Gaddi (c.1350–1396) was an Italian painter. He was born and died in Florence, and was the son of the painter Taddeo Gaddi.

Taddeo Gaddi was himself the major pupil of the Florentine master Giotto. Agnolo was an influential and prolific artist who was the last major Florentine painter stylistically descended from Giotto. Among his pupils was the author of an art treatise, Cennino Cennini.[1]


Giorgio Vasari included a biography of Agnolo Gaddi in his Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. Gaddi's work includes frescoes in the choir of Santa Croce in Florence as well as:

Madonna Enthroned with Saints and Angels (1380/1390), tempera on panel. Triptych, possibly commissioned for a Cistercian monastery.
Coronation of the Virgin (c.1370), tempera on panel.[2] This painting is probably the central panel of an altarpiece, possibly from the church of San Giovanni de' Fieri near Pisa.

Madonna of Humility with Angels (mid 1390s), tempera on panel
Crucifixion (no date), tempera on wood. Part of a polyptych.
Histories of the Virgin and the Cintola in Prato Cathedral


Cennini, Cennino (1821). Giuseppe Tambroni, ed. Trattato della Pittura(15th century original). Rome: Torchi di Paolo Salviucci. pp. page iv.

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