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Abraham Storck (or Sturckenburch)


A River View

Dutch Whalers Near Spitsbergen

An English Yacht saluting a Dutch Man-of-War in the port of Rotterdam

Whaling Grounds In The Arctic Ocean

A Mediterranean Harbour Scene With Travelles On The Shore A Dutch Man-of-war On The Left

Italianate Harbor Scene With Figures And Animals In A Grand Architectural Setting


View of a Harbour on the Zuiderzee

Italianate Park Landscape

Fortified Mediterranean Port

Mediterranean Harbour Scene

Seascape with View of a Beach Animated by Figures

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Famous Artists - A River View by Abraham Storck

A River View

Abraham Storck

Abraham Storck (or Sturckenburch) (bapt. 17 April 1644 – buried 8 April 1708), was a Dutch landscape and maritime painter of the Baroque era.
Storck was born and died in Amsterdam, and came from a family of painters of the same name. He had a painter's studio in Amsterdam producing naval and harbor scenes as well as landscape paintings. He was influenced by the two Willem van de Veldes (the elder and the younger) and by Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraaten.

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Jacobus Storck

Artist, Netherlands


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