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Matthias Stom

Mucius Scaevola in the presence of Lars Porsenna. Matthias Stom

early 1640s
oil on canvas
Height: 1,675 mm (65.94 in). Width: 2,200 mm (86.61 in).
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Level Ground level
room 15th–19th c European art
Accession number OO4.1970
Object history Agnew's, London (England, estab. 1817), 24 Apr 1968-24 Apr 1970, London/England, Purchased by the AGNSW from Agnew's 1970
Ettore Viancini (Italy), pre 24 Apr 1968, Venice/Italy, Purchased by Agnew's from Ettore Viancini, 24 April 1968. This was possibly a joint holding, Viancini may also have been a dealer. Agnew's stock number J. 6067
Prince Branciforte di Mazzarino (Italy), 17th century, Caltanissetta/Sicily/Italy
Inscriptions Not signed. Not dated


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